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BREAKING NEWS | South Africa’s #unemployment rate increased by 7,5 percentage points to 30,8% in the 3rd quarter of 2020 compared with the 2nd quarter. This is according to the latest Quarterly Labour Force Survey released by Stats SA today.
EFF has not won any ward. People aren't stupid. You put foreigners first and you expect them to vote for you? You want to open borders for foreigners and you expect vote from SAns? EyesThinking faceFace with raised eyebrow
I guess you'll get votes from foreigners

FWIW, here are my latest UK #gdp forecasts: you can call this a 'W', but I prefer to think of it as a big 'V' followed by a little 'v'...

Lots of optimistic assumptions here, including a swift end to #lockdown2 and much smaller rises in #unemployment than most seem to expect Crossed fingers