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Truck Attacks: SANDF to consider SAPS request for support

PRETORIA - In the last week alone, two dozen trucks have been destroyed and at least one driver murdered.

eNCA sources say processes are underway within the SAPS to submit a formal request for support to the SANDF.

The police are expected to ask for help to secure the country's roads to prevent further truck attacks.

It's understood the SANDF's top brass will then consider this request within a matter of days.

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Sources say if the deployment is approved, the mandate will be broader than simply protecting trucks.

It's understood soldiers would provide also support for the police's festive season operations.

This is a function performed almost every year during the country's main holidays.

The SANDF's Siphiwe Dlamini said they have not yet received any formal request from the police.

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Crime Watch's Yusuf Abramjee says such a deployment would come as a relief to the many truck drivers who work in constant fear of being attacked.

"These attacks on trucks have reached epidemic proportions. It's a real crisis. The police are most certainly unable to cope," Abramjee said.

"The suggestion that the defence force will be brought in is long overdue.

"We know that the Disaster Management Act makes provision for the deployment of the SANDF. We know the president a few months ago authorised the deployment of the SANDF and I can see absolutely no reason why soldiers should not be deployed to protect these trucks."

The police have declined to comment, saying this is an operational matter.