The Emperor of the Secret Service Imperial Concubine, I want to destroy you.

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"Intermediate pharmacist, it seems that we really underestimated you." In this sudden change, an old voice suddenly sounded

"Intermediate pharmacist, it seems that we really underestimated you." In this sudden change, an old voice suddenly sounded, attracting the sight of falling feathers. Resplendent in gold and jade, it looks like it should be the corner of the secret room of the king's bedroom in Fenglin, on which a gray-haired man sits. Chapter 356 behind the Black Hand 11. His face was very serious, and he looked like a stone without popularity. Breath is very erratic, if not for his opening, the feather did not feel that there is a person here. This man's ability to hide his breath is very strong. Glancing at the man, Luoyu turned his head and looked into the eyes of the king of Fenglin and the hoarse man. "Your Majesty and the head of the hermit clan have not seen each other for a long time." When they heard this, their faces sank. How do you know I'm a hermit? You. "Your Majesty, the urgent report of King Ye's ten-thousand-mile biography." Only then did the head of the hermit clan open his mouth, and suddenly there was a sound of reporting outside the chamber of secrets. The king of Fenglin frowned and waved his hand when he heard this. Someone immediately went to open the door. At this time, the king of Ye had any news from thousands of miles away. Brother Wang, don't move you to Luoyu. Wang Yun, the Lord of Heaven, will come to Haozang and be engaged to Luoyu. Seeing clearly the urgent report in his hand, the king of Fenglin shook his hand,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, and the message floated leisurely to the ground. The crowd in the Chamber of Secrets was dead silent. The master of the hermit clan was so shocked that he took two steps back. King Wangtian is here, engaged, fiancee. The master of the hermit clan, his head tilted, and he was so surprised that he vomited a mouthful of blood. They robbed people in front of the king of Wangtian. It was his fiancee who was robbed, this. This Never interested in women, the self-indulgent king of heaven,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, Wang Yun, killed heaven, unexpectedly. They have been in trouble for several lifetimes. Fenglin King wants to cry without tears, why can't this news come a little earlier, a little earlier he will not get to this point, this let him how to do? What to do? The king of Fenglin and the head of the hermit clan looked at each other in grief and indignation. Qi Qi in the eyes of the other side, saw the absolute fear of the string out of nothing, two endless. Now that you've offended this, then. "To kill and silence?" Luoyu looked at the change of their faces and said slowly, "Then come and have a try. I dare to come. I'm really not afraid of your hands." As soon as the words came out, both of them changed color. Now that things have come to this. The old man at this time suddenly slowly opened his mouth, looking at the eyes of the falling feather flashed a trace of absolute cold kill. "Your Majesty I want to waste you" Chapter: Chapter 357 Kill the door to 1-11 Collection: Lang Lang Novel Network (Http:// Chapter 357 go to the door 1. "It's no use talking too much. Give me what your father Junyun took from our maple forest." The voice was cold and solemn. Otherwise, even if there is hope that the king of heaven will support you, Nail machine manufacturer ,Automatic nail machine, it will be enough to pull you as a cushion when you die. As soon as the words came out, the frightened king of the maple forest and the master of the hermit clan slowly calmed down. Yeah, left and right is just a dead word. Then what are you afraid of. At that moment, the king of Fenglin restrained the discoloration on his face. He looked at Luoyu calmly and said in a deep voice, "No matter how capable you are, I'm afraid you can't get out of my Fenglin." No matter how high Luoyu's strange martial arts are, they are limited in the end. In the palace of Fenglin, there is a master of Lanzun, the master of the hermit clan. There is also a master who is responsible for guarding the thousand-year secret place of the maple forest. He still does not believe, with so many people, still can not leave a feather. The voice floated in the secret room, and the relaxed atmosphere changed. The murderous look at daggers drawn, boiling up quickly in the room. Luoyu's face did not move when he heard this, but his eyes slowly deepened. The breath of the whole body began to be restrained, and the strength began to wander in the fingertips. Then try it. The voice is clear and crisp, like green bamboo. Your Majesty, open the dense forest protection. The silver-haired old man, who had been sitting still, listened and looked at Luoyu, but said to the king of Fenglin. Open the dense forest protection? Elder, this. King Fenglin frowned when he heard this. The dense forest protection has existed in the Fenglin Kingdom for hundreds of years, and it is arranged by the master of deployment. Just to protect the secret place and not let anyone enter. Now suddenly open.. If the cloud kills the sky to chase the falling feather, they enter the dense forest to escape too late, how to open? "King Wangtian came all the way to my maple forest without any other idea except that purpose." The silver-haired old man's eyebrows are very pale. In this case, I Fenglin will open the door of the secret place and welcome him to enter. We will see whether it is important for you to fall. The big secret of the day is still important. The vigorous voice echoed in the secret room, very cold, very heavy. The king of Fenglin in the Chamber of Secrets and the head of the hermit clan are all sensible people. As soon as he heard the great elder who was guarding the secret place open his mouth, he immediately understood the meaning. Chapter 358 go to the door 2. If the cloud kills the day to want that secret, has such a good opportunity, certainly will not take into account the falling feather, but directly enters the secret place. Then put the cart before the horse, catch the falling feather, they can escape and ascend to heaven. You can also find the real secret from Fallen Feather. As for the cloud killing heaven, they gave up entering the secret place and came to look for their bad luck, looking for the fallen feathers. At this point, to be honest, they don't think it's very reliable. The cloud came all the way to kill the sky, just for it. In order to save an ugly woman, he forgot his purpose. This is not the style of the cloud killing the sky. All right, let's do it, somebody. Immediately,Iron Nail Making Machine, the king of Fenglin quickly ordered him to go down. The night is confused and the summer wind is like a hook. Luoyu listened to the conversation of several people in his ears, and his heart moved slightly. The cloud killed the sky to look for a person, she knew all along. Now it sounds that this person or this matter is definitely related to the dense place of Fenglin. Will the cloud kill heaven come to her first and give up the people and things he has been looking for? Or did he go straight to the secret place to find what he wanted and give her up? There is a moment of strangeness in Luoyu's heart. She kind of expected the cloud to kill the sky to make a choice. But I don't want the cloud to kill the sky here at this time.