Eric Reids late hit on Ben Watson was not influenced by Twit

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Eric Reids late hit on Ben Watson was not influenced by Twit

Panthers safety Eric Reid wants to shut down the theorythat was posedThursday night following his late hit on Patriots tight end Ben Watson in the first half of New England's 10-3 win over Carolina in Week 3 of the preseason.

Wrote Mike Florio of :"In the same Tim McCarver Jersey week Ben Watson took a shot at Eric Reid on Twitter, Eric Reid applied a late shoulder to the head of Ben Watson." This theory was fueled bya video of the play in question.

Ben Watson leaves the field under his own power but did have his helmet taken from him. The late hit provided by Scott Kingery Jersey Eric Reid. The two men not seeing eye to eye on Twitter this week fwiw.

Michael Giardi (@MikeGiardi)

For reference, here's what Watson tweeted:

Quote starts with "I could be completely wrong, but since...Yes you are wrong! You know the work many of us including have Mitch Williams Jersey done. No one entity owns this movement. We are all a continuation of the generations who fought before us. We need each other

Benjamin Watson (@BenjaminSWatson)


Reid said after the game the hit had nothing to do with Watson's tweet.

"I didn't even know he tweeted me," Reid said, . "That's Chase Utley Jersey not even something you proce s in a game. I'm not analyzing who has the ball in their hand and what they tweeted at me while I'm playing the game."

As for why he applied the late hit, Reid added: Just trying to stop him from getting a first down. I looked at the replay. Yeah, he was down. Well see what the league decides to do with it. I anticipate myself getting a fine. But Im just playing the game.

There's even video of Reid trying to help Watson up after the hit.

Carlos Santana Jersey Reid did approach Watson after the hit

Michael Giardi (@MikeGiardi)

I just asked him if he was OK, if he could stand up, Reid said about the encounter. You hate to see Juan Samuel Jersey somebody get hurt.

Watson left the field and didn't return to the game. Sources told the that Watson has been placed in the concu sion protocol.

Reid was penalized for the play and will likely receive a fine from the league within aweek. NFL Network'sTom Peli sero the league will not evaluate the hit for a suspension.